Wednesday 11 April 2018

Basic Rules & Terminologies of Playing Keno Online

When playing at an online casino, it is not uncommon for people to often be distracted by the more classic casino staples such as table games (i.e. Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker) or by the fun and pretty limitless themes that one finds in slot games. Thanks to the illustrious nature of sports and the fast pace of the sports betting scene, even online bookmakers and sportsbooks get fair amount of attention. Unfortunately, old school but less illustrious games such as keno sometimes get forgotten and aren’t as popular because it is a game that does not involve as much strategy or reasoning as other types of online gambling games. However, if you are looking to try your hand at online gambling without putting too much at risk on the table, playing keno online might just be the right game that is up your alley. It is easy to learn, and through repeated play, playing keno online does not take much to master.

Here are some easy to digest and quick to apply keno tips from CasinoJR Malaysia to help you get started playing keno online.

What is Keno & How Do I Play?

Keno is a highly addictive casino game that everyone can play. It is the product of combined elements from other popular casino games – poker, roulette, and bingo. In every round of keno, numbers are drawn in successive order. To play keno online, you will first need to sign up with an online casino like CasinoJR Malaysia, which offers the game as a product that you can bet on. Once your CasinoJR account is ready to go, you can start playing.

• When playing keno online, the first step is to pick an amount to wager.

• A typical keno board has 80 numbers that you can choose from. You can select multiple keno numbers to bet on, so take your pick. You will be able to select up anywhere from 10 to 15 numbers on the keno board and the ones you have chosen will be highlighted to indicate your selections.

• When you are satisfied with your keno picks and the wagered bet amount, you can click ‘Play’ to initiate the game. The keno machine will randomly draw and produce a certain amount of balls; each ball is numbered and each value shown is the winning keno number. If a number you picked is drawn, it is referred to as a ‘hit’.

Basic Keno Terminologies
• Balls

The medium used in a keno game to draw the winning numbers

• Bank

The amount of money the casino has during the keno game

• Bet

The wagered amount placed on each number picked for each round of keno

• Blank

A keno ticket which was not played

• Draw

This term refers to the group of winning keno numbers that are drawn

• Hit

A hit occurs when a drawn number in a keno game matches one that you have picked

• Quick Pick

Refers to a mode that allows the computer to randomly select a series of numbers for you

• Race

In keno, a single game/session is identified as a ‘race’

Quick Tip to Winning Keno

To get a hang of the game, you can always opt to try the game in its ‘free to play’ mode before moving on to wagering real money.

Tuesday 20 March 2018

CasinoJR’s Quick Guide to Online Baccarat


Are you a fan of online casino games but have not had the opportunity to invest enough time to master your favourites? Have you always been curious about trying your lucky hand at a game of online Baccarat? Well, do not let the fear of things unknown daunt or deter you from trying them – playing Baccarat online isn’t just a fun way to pass time because if you get good at it, you could monetize and win big from just playing it! If you have not discovered the joys of playing Baccarat online, keep reading because CasinoJR Online Casino is here with a quick and simple guide to initiate you to the thrilling world of online Baccarat.

While it is simply a natural aspect of the human psyche to dislike losing – after all, which person ever plays while planning on losing? – online Baccarat is a popular casino game that is widely enjoyed both offline and online, and players with advanced experience or knowledge of the game still derive satisfaction from the game, even when they lose a couple of rounds. Baccarat is a simple game to pick up and easy to grasp; it also offers players copious amounts of thrills, suspense, and intrigue. Its high levels of excitement makes Baccarat a top go-to choice that is always offered by online casinos to all their players.


• Every game of online Baccarat involves one of three possible outcomes:
               (i) Player wins; or
               (ii) Banker wins; or
               (iii) Player and Banker are tied.

• In every round, participants of the game can bet on the Player’s hand, the Banker’s hand or a tied outcome. When you play Baccarat online, bets must be placed before the round commences and before the cards are dealt.

• In Baccarat, players must note that the Banker does not necessarily refer to the house.

• A game of online Baccarat commences when the house deals the cards in two hands – one for the Banker and another for the Player. The value of cards in any hand are totalled up and the hand with a value that is closest to 9 is considered the winning hand. If the value is a double-digit and exceeds 10, the second digit is considered to be the value of the hand. For example, if a hand has the cards 9 and 4, the total comes up to 13 and the value of the hand is 3. 

• When the first two cards of a hand are dealt and the value of the hand is 8 or 9, this is considered a ‘natural win’ and the game is over.

• All face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and 10s have a value of 0. Aces are valued at 1 while all other cards are valued as indicated by their numerical representations.

• In some games of Baccarat, a third card will need to be drawn and in every case, a Player’s hand is required to be completed first. If the value of the hand is between 0 to 5, the Player will be dealt a third card, unless the Banker’s hand constitutes a ‘natural win’. For a hand with a value of 6 or 7, the Player stays and a third card does not need to be dealt.

The best way to master online Baccarat is through practical experience and if you are keen to learn, visit to start your training. We will be covering more aspects of the game and will be back with more baccarat tips, so remember to check this space.

Friday 10 April 2015

12Win Casino Online Slots Tips

Playing slot machine is fun and exciting. However, there are a few online slot tips that you need to follow in order to win when you play online slots. Here are some handy tips from 12Win Casino that you can use as a guide:

Highest Paying Machine

Slot players who are serious at what they do must be on the lookout for the highest paying slot machines in the casino. Most slot machines pay between 83% and 99% to whatever credit that they take in. The variation is very high so players must be really wise and careful when consider which machine they select.  The best percentage of payout to go for is those in the range of 96% to 99%. Such machines are obviously much lesser and harder to find in casinos, but in order to win, it is worth taking that extra effort.

Wait and Observe

The most important tips to playing any online casino game is to wait, watch, and learn before getting into it. Sparing even just a few minutes can help players to gather a lot of information and to learn which slot machines give out more regular and bigger amount of payouts.

Dig the Necessary Information

PR is important in every context, so talk and get friendly with the casino employees as well as fellow slot machine players while you are there as this might benefit you tremendously. Generally, casino employees obviously will not just guide you or show you where the best paying machines are. They have no reasons to make you a richer person, and it is against the casino policy anyway. However, if you tip them well enough, you might have just gained your golden ticket to a winning spree. And if you do win more in the end, do not forget to tip the employees! A tip of 5%-8% would be sufficient.