Tuesday 5 February 2013


Part of the reason players like you keep on coming back to Titan Casino is because you love our slot games. Indeed, we’ve got dozens upon dozens of classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, Hollywood and Marvel themed slots that never fail to entertain our players and crown winner after big winner. We’d like to clue you in on 3 special features that will ensure you get the most fun out of your online slot gaming sessions: Double or Nothing, Auto Play, and Multiple Games.
Double or Nothing
You’ve just got done celebrating a nice payout on your favorite slot game. What if you actually won double that amount of money? Our Double or Nothing feature gives you the opportunity to do just that –  as many times as you want!
All you have to do is click “Gamble” after you score a winning combination and you’ll be all set to try your luck at doubling those winnings. Correctly guess whether the next card to be revealed from a randomly shuffled deck will be red or black and you’ll be on your way towards a huge payday.
What could be more fun than that?
Auto Play
All that mouse clicking starting to get to you? With our Auto Play feature you can have just as much fun playing your favorite slots without expending any effort at all!
To use the Auto Play feature, just plug in the number of spins you want along with your per spin wager. Then, you can just sit back and watch the reels spin all by themselves.
Essentially, Auto Play gives you a way to watch your winnings roll in automatically. That sounds pretty fun to us J
Multiple Games
Many of you have more than one slot game they like to call their favorite. Did you know that you aren’t limited to playing them one at a time? With our Multiple Games feature you can play up to three different slot games simultaneously.
A different option, if you prefer to just stick to one slot game, is to open the same game in 3 different windows. This gives you three times as many chances to hit the game’s top payouts.
How fun (and amazing!) would it be to win 3 progressive jackpots at the same time?
So give any of our special slot features a try next time you play your favorite slots. We’re sure the experience is going to be that much more fun for you and we hope your only care will be to thinkhow you’ll be managing your new Slots Fortune!