Monday 30 September 2013

Online Casinos and the Bonuses They Offer

The enticing glitz and invigorating ambience of the casinos in Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macao make them real havens for the most avid punters. But in recent years, online casinos seem to be writing new history as they are already winning gamers over. How did this happen? They offer convenience, variety, and above all, great bonuses. The following are some of the basic bonuses that online casinos offer to their customers.

Sign-up and welcome bonuses

In order to get hold of a good number of players, online casinos offer welcome bonuses—incentives that provide gamers with an initial pay upon their registration with the promise of playing their games regularly as a return. This provides advantage to both parties: the casino obtains a potentially ‘loyal’ customer and the customer earns prize even before he or she enters a betting session.

No-Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus works more advantageously to players. A no-deposit bonus simply allows them to play online games and earn prizes if they win without having the need to make a deposit up front.

Loyalty Bonus

Players who regularly play in online casinos will have a reward in the long run, in the form of loyalty bonuses. Most online casinos offer VIP programs to players who utilize their service in a regular basis. They are rewarded with extra points as they progress in their casino stint and when the ripe time comes, they will be promoted to VIP level—a status for players who are given the chance to earn more lucrative bonuses than what they are getting from their regular sessions.

High Roller Bonus

The most loyal players are duly rewarded for their passionate patronage. The same system applies to customers who make huge bets in their every gaming round.

Cash-back Bonus

Online casinos understand that customers flock to their portals with just one important aim: to win. If players fail to earn any jackpot or lose so much of their money, online casinos will give them a cash-back bonus based on a certain percentage of their original or total wagers.

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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Tips for Playing Smart Video Poker

Of all the games you’ll encounter in an online casino, video poker might be the one that offers you the most interesting strategic challenge. Part of the game is, like slots, largely up to luck of the draw – you’re at the whim of the cards you’re dealt, good or bad. But part of how well you fare is also up to you.

Video poker presents some fascinating decisions from time to time. Do you keep that pair of jacks, or chase the straight for the higher payout? Throw away the bad hand, or hold onto one or two promising high cards? The decision is yours to make.

This can be a blessing or a curse. On one hand, it’s nice to be in control of your own destiny, knowing that if you play well you could be in for a big payday. Alternatively, you might also crash and burn if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Before you start wagering serious money on playing a video poker game at CasinoJR, it’s good to take a quick crash course and review what’s what. Here are some casino tips to remember when you take a crack at the game:

Know the Video Poker Rules

It sounds obvious, but knowing the rules of the game is really important: Before you sit down to begin playing video poker, you need to make sure you know the rules of poker backward and forward. No, you can’t form “wrap-around” straights, with the ace being high and low at the same time, and no, contrary to the opinion of Topher Grace’s character in Ocean’s Eleven, you don’t win if your cards are “all reds.” Make sure you have all the rules down like the back of your hand.

That includes not just poker rules, but video poker specifics too. What’s the lowest hand that gets paid out on that particular machine – jacks or better, kings or better, or two pair? What are the payouts? Are there wild cards in play? If you don’t know all of this stuff well and understand what it all means, you probably should think twice before starting to wager real money.

Think of the Video Poker Odds

Whenever you’re drawing to a particular hand, you should think for a moment about your odds of hitting it. This doesn’t mean you need to be a math genius and calculate percentages down to 18 decimal places, but learn some general principles. For example: An open-ended straight draw gives you a better chance of hitting a payout than an inside straight. Chasing a flush is easier than chasing a straight, because you have more cards that give you a win (9, as opposed to 8 or 4). Just like live poker players count their “outs,” you can do the same.

Slow Down Your Video Poker Play

Even best video poker players in the world know that casino games aren’t pre-programmed to payout out more than what’s wagered into the machines; in other words, the casino will always have the slightest of edges. That said, it’s best to play at a nice leisurely pace, enjoying the experience rather than rushing through it; regardless of how well you know how to play the game – get some entertainment value out of it. Especially if you start a bit of a losing streak, you don’t want to go on tilt and begin spewing your money away quickly.

Know When to Quit Playing Video Poker

Like any other form of gambling, video poker should only be enjoyed responsibly. That means you need to have self awareness as you play, and if you’re not feeling up to your A game, it might be time to walk away. If you’re frustrated, if you’ve been drinking, or if you’re gambling with money you can’t afford to lose, those are all signs that you might need to call it quits, at least for a little while.

Video poker is one of the best casino games out there, offering the perfect combination of luck and skill. If you play your best, your skills could win out.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Macao – Capital of Asian Gambling

If any player in the world is asked about the most popular place to bet in the world, he will surely respond Las Vegas. The city has made a name for itself, becoming a solid pillar in the gambling industry, inspiring thousands of stories. Even so, other place has gain momentum in the last decade, which is the topic that will be explored in this article. Today comes the time of a Casino Cheers favorite, the incredible Asian city of Macao. Indeed some say that since Las Vegas Is slowly losing its appeal to this Asian gambling dream city.

Why Macau is popular city for gamblers

It should be known that the city seeing its popularity and is very well accepted in the casino industry, also devoted to creating and delivering beautiful places where the variety of themes and games is the best .

Holiday Dream

It should be known that Macau is not just a place for gambling but it draws the attention of many tourists who want to spend a good holiday. Of course, many of these tourists are tempted by the wonderful casinos so the casino industry has grown considerably. Think of it as a family friendly Las Vegas, where both adults and kids can have the same levels of fun. A very important fact about the visits to Macao is that this city is receiving an estimated annually or more than 3 million people in the month.

With this massive influx of people to the city and the incredible amount of players that gamble in Macao, the city has quickly become one of the most popular cities to bet, even becoming the gambling capital of all Asia, as no other city has yet offered the same levels of casino entertainment.

On becoming a popular locale

Macao now although it was recognized some years ago as a tourist city should be known that thanks to a focused national push to emphasize much more the city as a tourist site is that casinos have benefited .

Moreover, there is talk that this industry has boosted tourism to the city instead of being the opposite case. In any case it should be known that this site is one of the most prominent on the continent and that most visitors are from China or much of the southeastern region of the continent.