Monday 25 March 2013

5 tips to play in slots

Slot machines are the drug of choice for people who would rather sit in a corner and win big than risk money at table games like Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em. Unfortunately, as much as you’d like to think you know how to win at slots, the truth is that all slot machines are run using RNG, which means that no matter how long you sit there playing, you won’t figure out some special system for a guaranteed win. Sorry to burst your bubble.

You cannot use special game moves to win at slots, but there are some strategies involved in picking the right kind of slot machine for winning.

Tip #1:

Know how slot machines work. All slot machines work the same way. They use random number generators to randomly produce an outcome after each pull of the lever. It doesn’t matter if you pull the lever and hit the buttons all at the same time; the numbers generated are random which means your chances of winning are random.

Tip #2:

Know the odds of winning. To win at slots, do your homework and find out what the house odds are.

Tip #3:

Stick with high payback. Each slot machine is pre-programmed with a house payback percentage. Most machines have an 85% to 95% payback percentage, which means that they pay back 85% to 95% of what they win – not all at once though.

Tip #4:

Stick with one machine. If you think about your odds of winning on a single machine, consider that your odds of winning while playing multiple machines at once are just as low. The only things you accomplish when playing 2 or more machines is making other casino patrons angry and losing your nickels faster.

Tip #5:

Walk away while you’re winning. This is one of the most difficult things a slots player can do; walk away when all of the odds seem to be in your favor. Because slot outcomes are randomly generated, you could realistically win 1-2 in a row, but then can lose 3-4 in a row after that. If you find yourself in a winning streak, don’t tempt fate by continuing to hope that the RNG is being generous. Walk away and you actually get to KEEP what you’ve won.

If you want to know how to win at slots, just play until you win. Simple. Slot machines are beautiful strangers that give the illusion of being your friends. Don’t get sucked into believing that you can predict the outcomes and win big if you just pull the lever one more time.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Can You Really Win at Roulette?

No matter what game it is, gamblers everywhere always want to know if a game is beatable. Granted, there are scores of books and guides on the market today that will suggest that these games are ripe for the taking. The problem with those theories is simple, the games are built and designed to have house advantages. This means that no matter what strategy or tactic you employ, all you are hoping to do is to mitigate that advantage, not eliminate or reverse it.

With roulette, this question comes up a lot. Is it possible to play and make a profit, or are you just wasting your time and money. Well, the answer is…both. It really depends on you as a player, and your approach to the game. If you are undisciplined and throw good money after bad too often, then you by all measures are wasting your money. However, if you are disciplined, never get too high or too low, and walk away with certain levels of profit, then you may be one those lucky few that win at roulette.

The best way to answer this question is to take a good hard look in the mirror. Be honest with yourself about your playing style and approach to the game. Be honest about your finances, and whether or not you are playing within your means. Make sound judgments with regards to your overall discipline. Do you play too much? Do you bet too many things? Are you overextending yourself? Questions like those will help you determine whether or not are cut out to play roulette at a high level and earn a profit.

Another side of this coin is whether or not you really care that you earn a profit. If you get some joy from playing the game of roulette, then what is the intrinsic value of that enjoyment? Have you ever made a profit going to the movies? When was the last football game you went to where they paid you to attend? You do it because you enjoy it, and that is your payoff. With roulette, or any casino game, there is a chance you may actually earn a profit in addition to the fun that you had.

Of course, your downside is limited when it comes to going to the movies, and a night of gambling can get much more expensive than dinner and a movie could ever dream to be. However, this is where discipline comes in. If you know that you can’t afford the fancy French place in town, then you may have to hit the bar and grille for dinner. That is you showing monetary discipline when it comes to your dining choice. The same principles should be at work when it comes to playing roulette. Don’t play with money that you cannot afford to lose. If you do that, than it really doesn’t matter if you lose all the time if you enjoy the time you spend playing.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Blackjack tips and Roulette secrets

This infographic by 24hPoker includes interesting facts about casino games, along with online blackjack tips and roulette secrets. For example, did you know that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Queen Elizabeth II have tried their luck playing roulette, whereas Napoleon liked playing blackjack? Or that the roulette wheel weighs 50 to 60kg? How about the fact that the sum of all roulette numbers is 666? The top rated movie with a scene from a blackjack table is considered the “Casino”, while the movie “21” is at the 5th place of the list. A great tip mentioned in the infographic is that you need to stay emotionless when gambling at both casino games, something I personally did when I won at blackjack by card counting.

Of course before you start thinking of mastering card counting and day dreaming of beating casino games for a living, you’d better learn the Blackjack basic strategy you’ll find in the infographic below. Although it’s a very basic strategy, blackjack players should try memorizing the table, even if they don’t plan to make money by playing Blackjack. Basic strategy will minimize the casino’s edge and eventually keep their losses to a minimum. Whatever deviation they try based on their intuition will just increase their disadvantage against the dealer. A Blackjack secret is never become a victim of superstitions.

According to the infographic by 24hPoker, there are 5 books you should read if blackjack is your favorite game. I can’t recommend any of those, since I haven’t read any book about Blackjack during practicing card counting or visiting the casinos. Yet, I managed to win at blackjack by studying information that I found free online. And I suppose it is still accessible for free.

Finally I agree with this piece of advice: do not drink alcohol during the game. You will lose your concentration and make bad decisions that will cost you money.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Video Slot Strategy

It’s very common for online casino players to think that there is no right winning strategy for video slot games. The norm is to believe that the Random Number Generator rules it all, and that each spin is completely randomized and has no real impact on the players’ winnings. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, players can do a lot of different things in order to increase their odds at winning at their favorite video slot games.

One of the first things to remember when playing video slots is that players will earn the highest payouts, including jackpots, if they choose to bet with the maximum number of coins allowed. That same spin that will pay nothing, or close to nothing, when betting with a minimum bet, could possibly pay out a huge prize when playing with a maximum bet. Hence, it is pivotal for players to choose those video slots that offer maximum betting amounts if they’re looking to cash out more in the end.

Moreover, players who are looking to profit from a video slot game must also keep in mind that these will certainly offer better odds the longer players spend time on them. Simply hitting the spin button and walking away will not work. The best way to go is to sit back, relax and play for a while in order to improve their luck and chances of the slot machine paying out higher prizes.

Many CasinoJR players tend to stick to the same video slot game time after time. Nevertheless, it’s also important to recognize when the time has come to walk away and try their luck on a different slot. Following these simple tips will certainly increase the chances for play

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Get Lucky With Online Slot Games

Do you ever pray to God to give you lots and lots of money so that all your problems are solved, well I do, frankly speaking I want to witness any kind of a miracle in which I receive a huge amount of money but unless I do not go for a bank robbery which is just not possible for a normal human being. Although they say that God is great and he makes some way or the other that becomes your solution of your problems.

The first thing that comes into the mind is betting when ever people think of earning amounts instantly as the other ways are just so unethically. And now it has become even easier to win great amounts of money by just sitting at your place and you do not need to spend any kind of money to access the casino as it is the world of technology and you can play with online casinos. What more? Well now you just need to find out the best online casino that can help you win easily. The best among the list of online casinos is the Slots of CasinoJR, which includes the high range of Online Slot Games; It is one of the most thrilling and electrifying range of online slot games which are just so irresistible that its a must to play. And when the irresistible games make you LUCKY than why not?

Thrill and enjoyment accompanied by good luck in terms of lots and lots of dollars sounds awesome. The Online Slot Games bonuses and promotions are just as unique as this collection of online slot games is. And you do no even have to worry about the pay outs because when playing with Slots of CasinoJR you just simply do not need to worry about the security issues. So get lucky with the Online Slot Games of Slots of CasinoJR.

Tuesday 12 March 2013


While it doesn’t take much to take part in all the action at your favorite online casino, mastering a particular game can be a complicated and involved process. As such, people without the patience to work through the difficult or otherwise confusing parts of game theory will often create myths, legends, and tricks which help to rationalize things they don’t understand. The fact is that many of the myths surrounding these games of chance reflect a simplified opinion from an uninformed source – that is to say, in most cases these ideas just don’t work. Though most casino games have amassed a healthy amount of false rumors over the years, today we’ll be doing our best to bust some of the most common blackjack myths, which have sent many a player down the wrong path.

Myth 1 – Always Assume the Dealer has a 10 in the Hole

Central to any blackjack strategy is accounting for the dealer when placing your bets. While many skilled players and card counters may have some idea of what card may be hiding in the dealer’s hands, there really is no way to tell what he or she is holding. As such, some players feel it is best to assume the worst, and bet thinking that the dealer must have a 10 in the hole.
This is a dangerous assumption to make, as only 30 percent of the cards in the deck are worth ten. In fact, the odds are far more likely that a dealer is not holding a 10 face-down in any given round of blackjack, something that should inspire a more varied approach to one’s betting.

Myth 2 – Live Blackjack Is More Exciting Than Online Blackjack

As the Internet is a largely anonymous venue for gaming, many players automatically assume that online casino games are not as trustworthy or exciting as their live counterparts. While there is no denying the visceral thrill that comes with playing at a brick and mortar casino, online blackjack is just as fair as any casino in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, or Macau. Furthermore, many online casinos like CasinoJR offer Live Dealer Blackjack games that replicate the feeling of hitting it big at the felt of a live casino. Moreover, CasinoJR offers a wide variety of online blackjack games to play, which is quite different from standard run-of-the-mill blackjack tables on a casino floor. You can run up your bankroll at any of these great games – and that’s pretty exciting if you ask us.

Myth 3 – Bad Players at the Blackjack Table Make It Harder to Win

Though there is no denying that bad players may test your patience at the blackjack table, the misconception that these players directly lead to the poor performance of other players isn’t really a fair accusation. Bad players have no more effect on their tablemates’ performance than good casino players, as all gamers compete against the house. Yes, the number of cards a player takes will affect the draws of anyone to their right, but this is part of the challenge of blackjack and will remain constant whether you’re sitting beside a drunk tourist or a savvy online blackjack professional.

Myth 4 – Third Base Is Cursed

As a game that moves progressively from the dealer’s left to right, many players have developed the opinion that the final seat on the table, known colloquially as “third base,” is the worst position from which to play. This myth arises from the fact that this player sits just before the dealer, so what cards they do or do not take directly affect what the dealer would have drawn. As such, players in this position are often treated as something of a pariah among more superstitious gamblers. Though it is true that this person’s decision will directly affect the draw of the dealer, it is just as likely that their play will cause the dealer to bust as it is for them to win. As with most card games, it all comes down to the luck of the draw, and nothing a player in any position will do, short of cheating, will change that.

Myth 5 – Counting Cards is a Sure Thing

Counting cards in blackjack is a mathematically-derived betting system that attempts to give players a leg up on the house. While it can tip the odds in the favor of skilled practitioners and is frowned upon by many in the live casino industry, it is not a fool-proof strategy. Counting cards relies on a unique counting system based around the number of cards in the deck (or decks) and the values of cards already played. Players use the formula to develop probabilities, which is to say it provides uncertain information. As such, this data can often lead to ruin at the card table, something that every successful card counter has learned to their chagrin once or twice.

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Play Blackjack for free in VerySlots!

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the world. The game is simple enough so anyone can jump on board and have a good time, while learning its tweaks to win faster. Here we will talk you about the offerings of Blackjack in while also giving you a exclusive chance to try the online Blackjack experience… for free!

Value of Experience

Many players shy away from online casino games because they don’t have experience. Being a necessary requirement in many online casino sites to invest many in a game to try it, it can seem staggering. In addition, more and more people find it difficult to have the time to go to a land-based casino and play away. So where does that leave those players in between?

Here we are offering you an exclusive chance to try Blackjack games for free in Why would you try a game for free? Because it is a great chance to familiarize yourself with the rules and the mechanics of the game, while having some “free of wallet harm” fun playing a fantastic game. Many players directly jump gamble real money without any knowledge of the game, which we do know lessens the experience as they don’t have previous experience.

Exclusive Opportunity!

Courtesy of veryslots, offers you the chance of trying the best Blackjack games for free. Play calmly knowing that your money isn’t on the line and maybe… maybe after a few rolls try gambling for real. But then you will have a firm advantage. Playing for free is an advantage in almost every sense of the world, so take this exclusive opportunity we are offering and try the best Blackjack experience for free!
Below you will find a link that will let you instantly play for free:

Monday 4 March 2013

Mobile Slots: Is There A Winning System?

 Big players of poker, or those who place huge bets on sporting contests, will often talk about their “system” – their way of ensuring that they see positive returns on their money and therefore go home with a nice profit in their back pocket. Players of slot machines have long talked about an unbeatable system for the different slots found in casinos throughout the land, but we have some news for you: they are all talking complete garbage!

When it comes to mobile slots (or regular slots), the majority of your winnings will come because of one thing: luck. It’s complete luck whether your symbols spin in on the win-line, it’s luck when you find yourself winning big from a bonus game and it’s luck when that scatter symbol falls in just the right place for you. So sorry folks – there is no sure fire way to make money from mobile slots!

While the key to winning money from slots is undoubtedly to be lucky, there are some things that can be done to increase the chances of winning though, although they have nothing to do with skill and more to do with tactics. The three best ways to maximise your winnings on mobile slots are as follows:

Start Slow

Let’s face it – with all those spinning reels, different symbols and flashing lights, mobile slots can be confusing. Even the most experienced players have to take their time to understand a new slot machine, and this means that they won’t lose any money through not understanding the way in which the machine works. After all, there’s nothing worse than mis-clicking when a big payday was on the table! So, don’t get carried away – learn the ropes first, and soon you’ll be an expert slots player.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is really important – in fact, it is probably the most important piece of advice any gambler will give, regardless of their specific niche. Poker players won’t enter tournaments when the buy-in is too large, sports betters won’t make huge bets that risk their whole account balance, and slots players should play on stakes that will eliminate their entire bankroll in one or two spins. Winning money can sometimes be a long race – if you decide to risk it all on one spin, you’ll nearly always end up disappointed.

Use Bonuses and Promotions

We all know that bonuses and promotions are one of the most effective ways mobile casinos get you to deposit more money, but they can also work for you as well. You’ll need to have a number of accounts with different mobile casinos – including the bigger ones like mFortune and LadyLuck’s – so that you can always find a new promotion that gives you extra money when you deposit. When you are playing with free money, you can’t lose, so even if you only win a £1 you’ll be up for the day! Make bonuses your friend and don’t think that they are a suspicious money-making tactic (even though they are)…

Friday 1 March 2013

Psychologists say: Battle Stress playing in online casinos!

Having a blast playing in online casinos is seen by many as a waste of time, by others as a way to double their monthly income and to others as a mere hobby. In this article why casino games are seen t as a healthy activity and we going to tell you why do.

Diminished Cortisol Levels

Just the other day we covered In McGill University, situated at the heart of Montreal, a group of psychologists have done a study that will amaze everyone. The online casinos experience helps reduce stress levels, officially making gambling a healthy activity. Their research shows how all the players that were part of it, after playing some online casino games, they felt considerably less stressed. Further study showed how their cortisol levels diminished in their organisms an average of 17 percent between all the persons that were a part of the study.

Specific Bingo and Blackjack Studies

A separate group of study also shows how online bingo benefits social skills and happiness of its players. Then we have another group of psychologists also conducted a new research, but theirs was focused on Blackjack. This study noted that a 74 percent of the researched players equally felt that the online casinos experience has given them benefits in their daily life, apart from an extra income that is. They also shared that high stakes gambling does increase their stress levels, but they shared that high stakes games are many times meant for more than just fun. The researched players also commented that many outsides to the scene often judge it too coldly, not really knowing about it.

Eastern Carolina University ambitious study

At Eastern Carolina University, an ambitious study that took around six months, featured 134 subjects and it reached the same conclusion with an add on. The online casinos experience does reduce stress levels, but it also helps the mood of the players. So you become less stressed, you light your heart and at the same time, you have fun… what is the exact problem with online casinos then?
The exact problem comes from common prejudices that only addicts gamble and that the only thing online casinos do is to take all your money. Online casinos are business, of course the odds will always be on your side, but doesn’t each entertainment activity out there require some kind of money investment?