Thursday 31 January 2013

Slot Machines Tips

Playing Slot Machine is never easy, yes you enjoy and win, but there are some tips that you must know in playing slots. here are some tips from CasinoJR for you to be guided...

TIP#1 - Stay away from the giant, progressive slot machines -- those that are linked to other progressive machines in other casinos such as "Quartermania." The odds are incredibly low that you will hit a jackpot on these types of machines. Quite possibly, the odds of you winning your state lottery are better than the odds you'll get playing the giant, linked progressives.

TIP#2 - Do NOT pick slot machines randomly. This is a sure-fire way to exhaust your bankroll in short order. The casinos will LOVE you, but your wallet will NOT!

TIP#3 - Play within your comfort zone. That is to say, if slamming coins/tokens into a $5 slot machine makes you nervous, then try a $1 machine instead. If pumping your hard-earned money into a $1 slot machine makes you break out in hives ... go to a quarter machine, etc.

TIP#4 - Gamble in "sessions." Set a time limit or a spending limit (or both) and STICK TO IT!! I know, I know!!! More easily said than done. But, if you are EVER going to win playing casino slot machines, you MUST develop some self-discipline. You may play as many sessions as you wish. If it were me, I'd break up the sessions with a show, a drink at the bar, or dinner ... and then begin a new session on a new slot machine I had discovered, or perhaps even try a different casino altogether. It's entirely up to you. Let your bankroll be your guide.

TIP#5 - Always insert maximum coins whenever possible for best pay-outs. If your slot machine has a maximum play of 5 coins at a time for a single pull ... put in 5. If it's 3 ... play 3 ... and so forth. If you find yourself depleting your bankroll at an alarming rate, find a good machine with decent pay-outs that has a 2-coin maximum input for each pull of the handle.

TIP#6 - If your entire focus is only on locating slot machines with tremendously high top jackpots, you are overlooking a key element to your overall success.  While the amount of the top jackpot is certainly important, you must also make sure that the mid-level pay-outs (those under the top jackpot) are substantial.  OK ... WHY?. Two reasons:

    The odds for hitting the mid-level jackpots are MUCH better than they are for hitting the top jackpot.  And, you will hit them MORE OFTEN.
    Given that #1 is true, then the mid-level jackpots or pay-outs must be large enough to sustain your playing session as you pursue the top jackpot.

TIP#7 - Experiment with different playing strategies. There are several excellent slot machine playing strategies available to you. Use the Site Navigator below and click on the "Playing Strategies" link to see what they are and how they work.

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