Monday 10 June 2013

What are Class II or Class III Slot Machines?

Probably every single one of us has seen a slot machine at least once in our lives and besides the themes and colors they all look and sound the same, but are they? That is the question to ask!

Slot machines are usually divided into two groups, Class II and Class III machines. It is more than just easy to distinguish them when you known this simple trick; just check out the corners of the electronic display and if you find a little bingo card there then you can be sure that you are playing a Class II slot machine. Now that you know how to guess what kind of slot you are playing on, let us move on to understanding what the difference between them actually is.

Who are you playing against?!

Now that is the biggest difference between Class II and Class III slot machines. Let us discuss Class II slots first; in this case you are playing against other players like you but the set of prizes are quite limited. This type of slots basically mimic the real game of Bingo. The game starts by hitting the spin button and you automatically join in the process. Certain number of slot machines are linked to the central processing computer that controls the game and calls out numbers and winner accordingly. One major difference between real-life Bingo and Class II slot machines is that you do not have to pay attention to the caller and search for the numbers on your card. At the end of the play, casino takes part of the income from the play and gives out the rest as cash prize to the winners.

You versus the Casino 

This is the main principle of the Class III slot machines. You are simply playing against the casino. The slot machines are set up in a manner that it hold a certain part of the money played and redistributes the rest to the players. So, it is all about timing and luck. On the contrary to the Class II slot machines, Class III machines can make you a big winner.

To sum it up, Class II slot machines are played among some players simultaneously who battle for a single prize, while Class III machines can be played by lots of different people at different times and they all seek for the payout from a single machine.


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