Monday 7 October 2013

Blackjack Tips and Tricks: How to Play like a Pro

Blackjack, or twenty-one… One of the most straightforward and yet elegant casino games you could think of, right? This game, where you accept or decline cards until you get as close as you can to twenty-one without exceeding the figure, conjures up images of wearing expensive formal clothes and sipping a cocktail as the croupier offers you another card. You’re already at seventeen, so do you hit, or do you stay? In the hilarious spy genre spoof, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, our hero wants to impress an evil henchman and his mistress as he joins them at the blackjack table. The henchman is at the rather high point of seventeen, and he accepts another card, telling the assembled observers that he likes to live dangerously. The next card is a four, making it a perfect twenty-one. Austin Powers is at five and stays, declining another card, telling everyone, “I also like to live dangerously.” While not even a beginner would choose to stay when only at five, how exactly do you play (and win) at Blackjack? Let’s look at a few tips and tricks to get you started…

I recently played in online casino, blackjack to be exact. I can certainly say I dusted off my blackjack skills. Not to mention I won about RM176! It is a fantastic feeling to win. By reading on and understanding the game, chances are you will win too.

Getting Started

When visiting a casino, Blackjack can certainly be a welcome diversion from playing slot machines; a way to sample some of the table games on offer. While it is a game that the casual gamer can pick up quite easily, there is a minimum bet, and this varies greatly from table to table, and casino to casino. Blackjack can be a good way to quickly lose money, so it’s good to start at a table where the minimum bet is relatively low, until you get used to the rhythm of the game.

Chance Vs. Skill

While there’s a certain amount of chance involved when it comes to playing Blackjack, there is also a skill involved, much like poker, and definitely unlike playing slot machines. Of course, you need to pay careful attention to the cards that have been dealt, as you might get a feeling as to what comes next, although remember that this is very much a “feeling.” Those who are truly skilled at mathematics can learn to count cards, which, while not illegal, is discouraged by the casino, as the counter can accurately gauge which card can come next, and the casino is likely to eject any patrons suspected of card counting.

The Magic Numbers

There’s a very simple rule when it comes to playing Blackjack, and that’s to remember the magic numbers, which are eleven and seventeen. You are statistically likely to get much closer to twenty-one if you’re at eleven and take a hit, whereas you’re statistically likely to exceed twenty-one if you’re at seventeen and take a hit. Naturally, if you’re at seventeen or thereabouts and decide to not stay, and actually get closer or even hit twenty-one, then your winnings are going to be much higher.
No matter which game you’re playing at the casino, it can be important to sit back and look at everything around you: all the decoration, all the staff, all the bright lights and glamour. These things don’t come cheap, and casinos make an extraordinary annual profit, so most of the time, the winner will be the casino. Remember to be careful with how much your minimum bet is, to roll with the punches, and definitely remember that it’s supposed to be fun!

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