Wednesday 13 August 2014

Top 10 Tips on How To Manage Your New Slots Fortune

What if you’re destined to be the next big winner? Here are some suggestions for how to manage your new-found millions:
  1. Put the money in the bank – This tried and true advice is probably your safest bet to guard  your money (unless of course it’s a Greek bank…).
  2. Invest in the market – Banking your money will usually only give you a paltry interest rate. Investing in blue chip stocks or high-yield bonds has been historically proven to grow capital more quickly.
  3. Buy land – You know the old saying about land: “They aren’t making any more of it.” Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison recently bought Lanai, one of the Hawaiian Islands. While that may still be a little out of your price range, there are plenty of great places around the world to secure a few plots that might someday spike in value and net you another, larger, fortune.
  4. Buy gold – Especially if your fortune came from winning a slots game jackpot, what could be more apropos than actually buying gold with your money? Over the last decade, the value of gold has shot up more quickly than practically any other traded commodity.
  5. Make a couple splurge purchases – What good is money if you don’t know how to spend it? You’re a millionaire now! Go buy yourself that new car you’ve always wanted or take a first class vacation around the world. You can finally afford it!
  6. Donate a portion to charity – Becoming an instant millionaire gives you the opportunity to share your good fortune with others who could really use some help. Choose a local charity close to home or a non-profit international cause and make a donation that could help change or save people’s lives.
  7. Hire a great accountant – As the illustrious Benjamin Franklin said, two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Just because you’re rich, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to pay more than your fair share to the taxman. Get a professional to do some tax planning for you.
  8. Start a new business – You’ve been grinding it out every day at your job with dreams of starting out on your own. Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant or perhaps a flower shop? If only you had the money… Wait! Now you do!
  9. Visit Vegas – You’ve won a huge sum of money. Lady luck might not yet have left your side! Why not “let it ride” and use part of your winnings to try winning even more in one of the world’s gambling hubs, like Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or Macau?
  10. Retire and disappear from the world – Depending on where you live, a million dollars may or may not be enough to retire comfortably on, but there are plenty of exotic places, such as a few countries in Central America or the Caribbean, where your jackpot win will be more than enough to provide you with a lifetime of luxurious living.
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