Thursday 18 September 2014

Winning Tips for Playing Baccarat

Just like most of other casino games, Baccarat is a game of chance, means you will win if you are lucky. But, instead of totally depending on your luck like most rookies does, there are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of winning by a little, among then are:

1. Know your limits and don't ignore them! 

Before you start a Baccarat game or sit down at a Baccarat table, whether it is online or at a land based casino. Decide on how much money you prepared to lose, and stick to it. Don't spend anything above the amount you determined or increase the limit in the middle of the game. Know when to stop. Same goes on the opposite, stop if you won amount you satisfied with, don't push your luck too far, it often backfire.

2 Know enough to spot mistakes 

Before playing Baccarat ensure that you have the knowledge of the game an know the rules of it, two thing benefits from it, first, so that you don't make any mistakes. Second, so that you can spot any mistakes by the croupier or any player during the game (although these rary happens as everything is closely monitored).

3 Only play at reputable venues 

This may seem obvious, but it is very important to research the casinos you choose with regard to reputation, payout reliability, terms and conditions pertaining to bonuses and promotions etc. This is relatively easy to do as there are a number of both brick and mortar and online casino reviews available on the internet. Spending time doing this will go a long way to ensure that your experience is a pleasant one and all you have to worry about is having fun at the Baccarat tables.

4 Practice online for free 

Online casinos offer players "practice" or "free play" modes that allow one to grow accustomed to the game without paying for it. Play as often as you like or practice your strategies in free play mode until you are ready to play for Real Money. You have nothing to lose.

5 Games with fewer than 8 decks of cards are good if you can find them 

Baccarat games usually feature eight decks of cards, however, games with decks do exist and if they are available, rather play them as you have a better advantage of winning through the banker's hand on a game with fewer decks.

6 Mini Baccarat is good for beginners 

This game has the same basic rules as other Online Baccarat variations but has lower table limits and less players, so this is a good place to start if you are a beginner.

7 Betting a Tie is the worst bet for you 

Yes a tie bet or "standoff" has the biggest payouts, but it also a very rare result and has the highest house edge and that means it's the worst bet you can make.

8 Banker bets are Best 

The casino advantage on the banker hand is 1.09%, and the chances of winning are 44.6% making the Banker bet the best possible bet for you. And even though some casinos charge an additional 5% commission rate for winnings on this hand, you still have the most to gain by betting on it.

9 Don't bet against streaks 

Never bet against a streak of either the Banker or Player. After three consecutive Banker or Player results, stop betting until the streak breaks or bet with the streak.

10 Systems seldom work 

Again Baccarat is a game of chance, card counting and various systems do not work online.


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