Friday 1 March 2013

Psychologists say: Battle Stress playing in online casinos!

Having a blast playing in online casinos is seen by many as a waste of time, by others as a way to double their monthly income and to others as a mere hobby. In this article why casino games are seen t as a healthy activity and we going to tell you why do.

Diminished Cortisol Levels

Just the other day we covered In McGill University, situated at the heart of Montreal, a group of psychologists have done a study that will amaze everyone. The online casinos experience helps reduce stress levels, officially making gambling a healthy activity. Their research shows how all the players that were part of it, after playing some online casino games, they felt considerably less stressed. Further study showed how their cortisol levels diminished in their organisms an average of 17 percent between all the persons that were a part of the study.

Specific Bingo and Blackjack Studies

A separate group of study also shows how online bingo benefits social skills and happiness of its players. Then we have another group of psychologists also conducted a new research, but theirs was focused on Blackjack. This study noted that a 74 percent of the researched players equally felt that the online casinos experience has given them benefits in their daily life, apart from an extra income that is. They also shared that high stakes gambling does increase their stress levels, but they shared that high stakes games are many times meant for more than just fun. The researched players also commented that many outsides to the scene often judge it too coldly, not really knowing about it.

Eastern Carolina University ambitious study

At Eastern Carolina University, an ambitious study that took around six months, featured 134 subjects and it reached the same conclusion with an add on. The online casinos experience does reduce stress levels, but it also helps the mood of the players. So you become less stressed, you light your heart and at the same time, you have fun… what is the exact problem with online casinos then?
The exact problem comes from common prejudices that only addicts gamble and that the only thing online casinos do is to take all your money. Online casinos are business, of course the odds will always be on your side, but doesn’t each entertainment activity out there require some kind of money investment?

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