Wednesday 20 March 2013

Blackjack tips and Roulette secrets

This infographic by 24hPoker includes interesting facts about casino games, along with online blackjack tips and roulette secrets. For example, did you know that Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Queen Elizabeth II have tried their luck playing roulette, whereas Napoleon liked playing blackjack? Or that the roulette wheel weighs 50 to 60kg? How about the fact that the sum of all roulette numbers is 666? The top rated movie with a scene from a blackjack table is considered the “Casino”, while the movie “21” is at the 5th place of the list. A great tip mentioned in the infographic is that you need to stay emotionless when gambling at both casino games, something I personally did when I won at blackjack by card counting.

Of course before you start thinking of mastering card counting and day dreaming of beating casino games for a living, you’d better learn the Blackjack basic strategy you’ll find in the infographic below. Although it’s a very basic strategy, blackjack players should try memorizing the table, even if they don’t plan to make money by playing Blackjack. Basic strategy will minimize the casino’s edge and eventually keep their losses to a minimum. Whatever deviation they try based on their intuition will just increase their disadvantage against the dealer. A Blackjack secret is never become a victim of superstitions.

According to the infographic by 24hPoker, there are 5 books you should read if blackjack is your favorite game. I can’t recommend any of those, since I haven’t read any book about Blackjack during practicing card counting or visiting the casinos. Yet, I managed to win at blackjack by studying information that I found free online. And I suppose it is still accessible for free.

Finally I agree with this piece of advice: do not drink alcohol during the game. You will lose your concentration and make bad decisions that will cost you money.

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