Tuesday 12 March 2013


While it doesn’t take much to take part in all the action at your favorite online casino, mastering a particular game can be a complicated and involved process. As such, people without the patience to work through the difficult or otherwise confusing parts of game theory will often create myths, legends, and tricks which help to rationalize things they don’t understand. The fact is that many of the myths surrounding these games of chance reflect a simplified opinion from an uninformed source – that is to say, in most cases these ideas just don’t work. Though most casino games have amassed a healthy amount of false rumors over the years, today we’ll be doing our best to bust some of the most common blackjack myths, which have sent many a player down the wrong path.

Myth 1 – Always Assume the Dealer has a 10 in the Hole

Central to any blackjack strategy is accounting for the dealer when placing your bets. While many skilled players and card counters may have some idea of what card may be hiding in the dealer’s hands, there really is no way to tell what he or she is holding. As such, some players feel it is best to assume the worst, and bet thinking that the dealer must have a 10 in the hole.
This is a dangerous assumption to make, as only 30 percent of the cards in the deck are worth ten. In fact, the odds are far more likely that a dealer is not holding a 10 face-down in any given round of blackjack, something that should inspire a more varied approach to one’s betting.

Myth 2 – Live Blackjack Is More Exciting Than Online Blackjack

As the Internet is a largely anonymous venue for gaming, many players automatically assume that online casino games are not as trustworthy or exciting as their live counterparts. While there is no denying the visceral thrill that comes with playing at a brick and mortar casino, online blackjack is just as fair as any casino in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, or Macau. Furthermore, many online casinos like CasinoJR offer Live Dealer Blackjack games that replicate the feeling of hitting it big at the felt of a live casino. Moreover, CasinoJR offers a wide variety of online blackjack games to play, which is quite different from standard run-of-the-mill blackjack tables on a casino floor. You can run up your bankroll at any of these great games – and that’s pretty exciting if you ask us.

Myth 3 – Bad Players at the Blackjack Table Make It Harder to Win

Though there is no denying that bad players may test your patience at the blackjack table, the misconception that these players directly lead to the poor performance of other players isn’t really a fair accusation. Bad players have no more effect on their tablemates’ performance than good casino players, as all gamers compete against the house. Yes, the number of cards a player takes will affect the draws of anyone to their right, but this is part of the challenge of blackjack and will remain constant whether you’re sitting beside a drunk tourist or a savvy online blackjack professional.

Myth 4 – Third Base Is Cursed

As a game that moves progressively from the dealer’s left to right, many players have developed the opinion that the final seat on the table, known colloquially as “third base,” is the worst position from which to play. This myth arises from the fact that this player sits just before the dealer, so what cards they do or do not take directly affect what the dealer would have drawn. As such, players in this position are often treated as something of a pariah among more superstitious gamblers. Though it is true that this person’s decision will directly affect the draw of the dealer, it is just as likely that their play will cause the dealer to bust as it is for them to win. As with most card games, it all comes down to the luck of the draw, and nothing a player in any position will do, short of cheating, will change that.

Myth 5 – Counting Cards is a Sure Thing

Counting cards in blackjack is a mathematically-derived betting system that attempts to give players a leg up on the house. While it can tip the odds in the favor of skilled practitioners and is frowned upon by many in the live casino industry, it is not a fool-proof strategy. Counting cards relies on a unique counting system based around the number of cards in the deck (or decks) and the values of cards already played. Players use the formula to develop probabilities, which is to say it provides uncertain information. As such, this data can often lead to ruin at the card table, something that every successful card counter has learned to their chagrin once or twice.

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