Tuesday 2 July 2013

Baccarat tips for novice players

The Baccarat tips for novice players will either work for online casinos and physical presence casinos, so don’t worry. The same principles apply perfectly for both incarnations of this great game. Our objective here is that you leave this article knowing a handful of baccarat tips to improve your overall experience in this luck based game.

In the case you are new to the game or you just want to refresh the basic mechanics, you can always check out our rules of Baccarat coverage. Just remember, knowledge is power. Embrace that concept and you will be always ready to play any casino game.

Bet on a tie is a No-Go

As you know in the game of Baccarat there are three possible types of bets:
You can bet that the player wins.
You can bet the bank  wins.
You can bet that the players will tie.
The bank has a slightly higher margin, despite this, players usually bet on themselves and in a game like this one, every advantage matters. However, betting on a tie is something you should never do. The reason why you shouldn't bet on a tie is that if you bet for the player, you have a disadvantage of 1%. In the other case, when you bet for the bank, the winning margin of the bank goes over 14%.

Streaks can be your doom

Streaks can occur to anyone. Seemingly impossible mathematical events happen playing casino games. The chance of an event like this happening will always be the same. The thing is, each hand is independent of the next one, so there is no guardian angel or pagan god, there are just coincidences. This isn’t a Harry Potter movie, spells don’t exist. If you continue raising your bet, at some point those coincidences will come and bite you. Following a streak for the sake of having a streak is a step towards your bankruptcy.

Acknowledge that online casinos always have the advantage, and that what you are doing is having  fun. Just remember this is a game of chance, and becoming lucky is something that can happen or not.  Always look for a nice welcome bonus to make things easier on the wallet.  Risking more money than you should because you have a hunch, can become a problem.

The Commission is always there

Whenever the dealer bets and win, you must pay the bank a 5% commission. This is a basic rule of the game. Always consider it and take serious account of the money you have on the table every time. Money can fly while having fun. Paying attention is imperative, those who don’t pay a big prize.

Well, that’s all the Baccarat tips for novice players we have for now. There is no better time than the present to go over basic tips of our favourite casino games.

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