Tuesday 30 July 2013

Bagging the Gold Cup in Reel Classic 3

Online slot games, such as CasinoJR’s Reel Classic 3, allow you to earn a hefty sum of cash with just a small bet. You can win a cash prize of several thousand with a wager just the price of a simple ceramic mug.

Reel Classic 3 is a three-reel standard slot game that can be played via the Web through online casino services, such as CasinoJR. As it was born from the womb of actual slot machines, the game is also won by coming up with a certain symbol combination generated by a “Spin.” A winning symbol combination is automatically prompted by the machine, so you no longer need to guess if you won something or nothing.

Start the game by placing a wager on each round. This can be done by clicking on the + and – signs on the bottom left corner of the gaming window. Press “Bet One” to increase your bet. Each click will correspond to a column in the pay table being activated. This is where your winnings will be based upon. If you wish to activate all the columns and escalate your chance of winning, click “Bet Max” and the reel will also be automatically spun.

If the reels display a winning combination (which can be a row of “BAR” placards, film reels, gold cups, or a specific combination of them) after they stop, you win a prize based on the pay table.

Easy, neat, and offers high return to player. This is what Reel Classic 3 is all about. Play now and start fattening your bankroll!


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