Monday 29 July 2013

Reel Classic 5: Your Goal is to Hit the Jackpot

Ever heard of a slot game that offers a return to player (RTP) calculation of up to 97 percent? Or have you ever played the same game where winning prizes is capped by a set of energetic, football-related images? With CasinoJR’s Reel Classic 5, such features can be enjoyed in just a wave of the Internet. Bathe in the energy that envelops a football pitch while being crowned with a pot as huge as the names of Pele, Maradona, Beckham, or Messi!

Reel Classic 5, as its name suggests, is a five-reel and five-line slot game made available in leading online casinos, such as CasinoJR. The online slot game allows you to generate a winning symbol combination (whose images were inspired by the world’s most popular sport) by “Spinning” the reels. 

Start your play by selecting a specific line or lines, which can be done by clicking on the arrowheads found in left side of the reels. Next, choose the value of the coins you wish to bet on each round. Click the + and – buttons on the left of the screen to do so. 

The widgets “Bet” and “Max Bet” are used to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the “Bet” button increases your bet by the value of the coin you selected. “Max Bet,” meanwhile, is clicked to increase your bet to the maximum amount possible (usually, four coins). Not pressing Bet Max will require you to click “Spin” to rotate the reels. But if you chose to click it anyway, the reels will be automatically spun. The machine will immediately notify you if you won a prize or two!

Sign up now with CasinoJR and let prizes make prosperous innings for you. Play Reel Classic 5 and be the captain of your own league!


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