Tuesday 6 August 2013

3 Blackjack Techniques That You Should Never Try

Do you ever wonder why you can’t beat the house in blackjack? Well, maybe you fail to execute your strategies properly.

To split or not to split
Splitting is an option given whenever you have a pair. Take note, however, that this move is a double-edged sword. Either you benefit from it, or it becomes your worst nightmare.

When you have a pair of eight (8), still, it is much better to split. Sixteen (16), is still, not a strong hand. But if you split it, still, you get more winning opportunities. One of your hands can get a seventeen (17) or even an eighteen (18) for that matter.

Meanwhile, if you have a pair of nine (9), you can keep the hand since you’ve got an eighteen (18) in there. However, if you have plans of splitting, do it only when the dealer has a nine (9), Ace or ten (10).

Not hitting with sixteen (16)
Most players are hesitant to take a hit whenever they get a card value of sixteen (16). It’s a good one. But unfortunately, it’s not strong enough. Never miss the chance to get a twenty-one (21) or even a twenty (20) just because you fear of busting. Well, that is normal. But what is perhaps “not-so-normal,” is to wait for the dealer to get busted when you can get a better and stronger hand.

Taking the insurance
Whenever the dealer’s upcard is an Ace, you have the option to get an insurance. It protects you from losing big amounts if the dealer secured blackjack. It sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the insurance is no more than an illusion. Just because the dealer holds an Ace already means that he or she has blackjack. It could’ve been another result. But because the thought of having blackjack already scared you, you end up spending more.

Of all casino games, blackjack is the only game where you can easily destroy the house edge. However, you should be careful with the moves and strategies that you employ. As seen on the above-mentioned examples, those are proven techniques, however, if it is not executed properly, it may not work to your advantage.

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