Monday 5 August 2013

Live Casinos Vs. Online

The main motivation for transitioning from traditional, land-based casinos to an online casino is that the gambler is able to play wherever they go and at any time they feel like, as long there is internet service to access. Any gambler that has been constrained by distance or time in the past will really appreciate the convenience of online casinos, getting to a land-based casino can be a real pain in the ass for those who have work and other commitments.

Although a grey area, players in countries prohibiting land-based gambling have somewhere to place their bets in the online world. So, in addition to providing the convenience of not having to leave the home, people who are serious about their hobby don’t have to go to far flung places like Macau or Las Vegas to have a decent gamble.

Another crucial aspect of the convenience factor is the fact that the casual gambler doesn't want to justify their trip far out of town, just to play the pokies, roulette or blackjack. Visiting an online casino means punters can now spin the reels via their smartphones, laptops and tablets, giving them the power to gamble on-the-go. Virtual casinos have gone to great lengths to make software that integrates with these platforms properly, ensuring a smooth game whoever you are. How many people who usually would have to travel far to indulge in their hobby are now able to do it on the commute home? Or in their own lounge rooms? The way things are headed it’s just going to get easier and easier. And hey, playing a few hands of poker in bed sounds like a good start to the weekend.

Another advantage is the fact that you don’t have to see other players, like in a casino, this allows you to better keep your cool. You know what I mean, when someone at the poker table is commenting on your every move, trying to ‘psyche’ you out. When you’re playing online, you can take your time to make the decisions you want, without the pressure of other players. In the privacy of your own home, you can be as comfortable as you like, no need to get dressed up. Hell, some gamblers play in their underwear. Being comfortable is something that will allow you to build your skill letting you focus purely on the game itself. If you get to the point where your game is so good you can hang with the trash talkers, then you have the option to play live in the future.

There are a lot of online casinos out there, offering all sorts of games. But remember to try and sort the good from the bad, find a place you like to play, that offers you a good bonus. Try and make the best of your bankroll and remember, above all else, to have fun.

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