Wednesday 14 August 2013

Lucky Blackjack Shares Reward That Are 19X Bigger Than The Original Bet

Lucky Blackjack is far from being your ordinary blackjack variant. Such casino game gets you a 19 to 1 payout even without card counting’s help. Under this game, the only thing required is for players to know how to add their numbers. 

How does it work? 
Lucky Blackjack’s game objective is to predict the total value of the dealer’s hand. Possible hand values, which range from 17 to 21 and even a bust are laid out on the table. The only thing left to the players’ responsibility is to choose the hand that will more likely show up. 

In other words, this is a pure guessing game. You may find it odd, given the thrill that often accompanies blackjack. However, this relieves the stress often associated with applying blackjack techniques. 

Winning possibilities
On a closer look, this game presents higher winning possibilities. This can be attributed to the fact that only a few hand values are offered. Hands that have a value lower than 17 are no longer included. As a result, the possibility that the hands laid out on the table shall crop out, duly increases. 

Lucky Blackjack is just like roulette in a way. The more numbers you have on-screen, the lower is their chance to show up. 

It has been already proven that blackjack is the only game that can be beaten legally. Indeed, there is truth to card-counting’s efficiency. But in cases where applying a technique becomes too cumbersome—too tasking—that it prevents the player from enjoying, games such as Lucky Blackjack provides a great alternative.

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