Monday 12 August 2013

Things to think about when playing Blackjack Switch

Patented in 2009, Blackjack Switch is rapidly taking the casino world by storm. What differentiates this variant from the regular BlackJack is that instead of just one hand, two hands are dealt to each playing position, and players are allowed to exchange (hence, the word ‘switch’) the top two cards between hands. While this is a good opportunity to increase the odds of winning, switching cards is not obligatory. Players are recommended to do so only when they feel their cards will make a better hand.

Dealer 22 makes all remaining hands a push. Switching the top cards increases players’ chance for a BlackJack. Under this circumstance, a special rule has been implemented in which the dealer will not go bust if it reaches 22. If he does get a 22, the game will be considered a draw (or a push with all players, except those who obtained blackjack hands).

Split each hand only once, split aces receive on card per hand. Switching cards is entirely bound to players’ discretion. There are no rules set for this game as to when a player can and cannot switch cards. The main goal of the game is to make the perfect Blackjack for both hands. If only one hand makes the combination, the player would at least come out even.

Double down on any two cards, double down after a split. Effective management of bankroll is very important when playing Blackjack Switch. In this game, betting is not just placed on one hand, but two. Therefore, losing can be reached twice as fast as wining. Keeping an eye to bankroll limits is strongly advised.

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