Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Strike Gold in the Pharaoh’s Kingdom

Raid a pharaoh’s kingdom a la Indiana Jones—minus the curses, traps, and bad guys trying to kill you—through CasinoJR's scratch game “Pharaoh’s Kingdom”, in the comfort of your home!

You don’t need archaeological knowledge to win this game; just the blessing of Lady Luck. All you have to do is purchase up to three cards by clicking “Play”, shuffle these cards as you wish, and scratch your card at hand to reveal six symbols. 

If at least one of these symbols matches the lone card located at the center of the game, you win the prize corresponding to the symbol. You don’t have to look up a pay table, because the values corresponding to the symbols are already clearly indicated.  The higher the value you’re willing to pay for the cards and/or the more cards you buy, the more chances you have of finding the pharaoh’s treasure!

You can also save yourself the effort of clicking “Play” too much via the “Autoplay” function. Here, you can specify how many times the game will play itself using the – and + buttons. Who knows, you may just have up to 10,000 times your original bet if you play enough rounds. (10,000 times a unit of currency isn’t something you snort at, by the way.)

Even the most powerful pharaoh’s treasure has limits. “Pharaoh’s Kingdom”, on the other hand, offers you unlimited opportunities to make money beyond your wildest dreams, without breaking a sweat.

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