Monday 17 November 2014

Sic Bo Tips

Sic Bo Tips are ample online. If players read these tips and follow them religiously, they can be sure to win big whether it is at the casino, or through playing Sic Bo online.

In order to win at Sic Bo, players need to know the standard payouts and look for casinos which offer the highest odds. The higher the payout rates, the lower the house edge, which will result in a higher winning rate and a greater profitability for the players. When payouts are low, the house gain more advantage and the players have less opportunity to win. 

Choosing the right table

A standard table has a numeral of 60-to-1, which yields a house advantage of 15.28%. Hence, keep an eye out for tables offering 65-to-1, which are the best since it only gives a house edge of 8.33%, doubling the possibility of winning for the players. If the chosen table gives players a good feeling, try to get a place near the middle, where players can reach the entire layout. If a position in the center is not available, wait and watch the game until there is a vacancy.

Knowing the limits

Before playing, analyze the minimum and maximum limits. Bets should correlate to the size of the available bankroll during that session. If playing a progression, maximum should not be low as it prohibits effective double wagering.

Knowing when to stop

The house always win. Odds are always tilted in the house’s favor, so the longer the player stays on the table, the high the probability of losing. Set a limit for yourself and play only the fixed and intended number of rounds and when the time’s up, tell yourself it’s time to go.


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